Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What is Ms. Howell's Job?

UPDATE:: Brad DeLong's Issue with the Post

From the comment section: "I actually thought the real news here was that, once again, Howell is suddenly introducing a new subject that, as near as I can tell, did not come from reader response, which is her job. ... An ombudsman's job is to hold the organization or industry s/he works in to account, not the customers. - Avedon
It was two weeks ago today that the "moderated" discussion over Deborah Howell's coverage of the Jack Abramoff scandal occurred. Ms. Howell still isn't taking public comments on her columns, though she will accept our emails. This question remains unanswered after two full weeks: Why isn't Deborah Howell responding to readers, instead of inserting a new "local focus" issue? Instead of doing the job of an ombudsman, which is to hold the Post accountable, she's backing away from the very readers who can help her do her job effectively. Changing the subject won't distract us from the central issue of our complaint. Your thoughts...


Anonymous Kewalo said...

OK I give, how do we get WaPo to listen. Have you seen the article they picked up from AP in Fri. paper. I'm so damn mad I'm shaking.

It inplies, all the way through that Reid was taking money from Abramoff for things he was doing.

Please excuse my spelling and grammar, I'm just pissed at this BS. Notice they bring up the Marianas without a mention that Reid was a co-sponsor of the bill to raise the minimum wage. Many thanks to Josh for picking up on the BS. But IMO this deserves to be slammed but good.

10:23 PM  
Anonymous mikey said...

"They" have retreated to the main house and closed all the openings (no more of those unseemly....comments...from the riff - raff).
La La la la la la la lala, if they don't hear you and can't see you, why then you're not there! Problem solved! ;-)

9:11 AM  
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