Thursday, February 02, 2006

Reader Comments Cut Deep

Dear Deborah - I can call you Deborah, can't I? You see, it's just that I feel we've all come to know you so well since you decided to editorialize, then ignore your readers when they insulted your sensibilities. I've showed you some of my hate mail, but you seem unwilling to continue to show us yours.

Today, I thought I'd show you what a real comment section looks like. You see, others get comments even worse than yours. But the man who is being called "treasonous" and every other name in the book, mostly by Republicans, is a hero who served our country for 37 years in the Marines. His name if Rep. John Murtha, who wrote a letter to President Bush that some people didn't like. What did he get for his efforts? Insults, attacks and profanity, but HuffingtonPost offers Murtha's letter, in full, continuing to welcome comments, to the tune of over 1,200+, some of which are beyond the pale. Now that's democracy and free speech in action. Take a lesson, it's one you need to learn.


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