Friday, February 24, 2006

Forty+ Days and Counting

UPDATE: From redking... Post Restores A Comment
UPDATE II: More of Howell's "local focus" found here and here.

"HELLO... Hello... hello..." says cujo359, wanting to know if anyone is reading, watching and learning from the comments still being posted over at the Post. But it seems no one is home.

As Taniwha put it, "Shouldn't there be a correction posted inline or at the bottom of Howell's original Abramoff column, noting that the claimed facts weren't facts after all? So that someone who reads that column -- what is it now, five weeks later -- would see that the Post corrected the error?"

But in response, there is only silence from Howell and Jim Brady. Is this any way to run a blog?

It's been over forty days since Howell concocted her Abramoff "directed" money to Democrats fantasy. We're still waiting for a correction, or at the very least, something besides deleting comments in lieu of a response. - Taylor Marsh


Anonymous Philip said...

Having these blogs to comment on is a nice feature but I'd like to see a comment section at the end of each of Deborah Howell's columns.

Posted by: Philip | February 28, 2006 11:31 AM

8:54 AM  
Blogger Taylor Marsh said...

Yeah, when pigs fly, baby.

Believe me, every Sunday when Howell posts her column, I'm sure they cringe when this blog appears linking to it. We're the recurring nightmare of what they've done to Ben Bradlee's Post.

Here's an interesting chat I dug up: We have time for just one more question: How does this online discussion compare with the other Watergate forums you've participated in this week?

Do you think the Watergate scandal would have unraveled the way it did if the Internet -- with its anonymous e-mail, file tracking, and self-published news Web sites -- had existed back then?

Ben Bradlee: I love the candor that this conversational exchange inspires. If I worry that the questions aren't all that different, neither are my answers.


What a difference a real First Amendment champion can make.

4:40 PM  
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