Thursday, January 26, 2006

We Say We Want a Revolution

UPDATE: Post Panel Review (via)

The Left's Revolution Against the Media

"I think this post, written by Salon's Peter Daou, captures the essence of a movement that is sweeping the liberal side of the blogosphere. In the past few weeks, liberal blogs have organized campaigns against Chris Matthews, Tim Russert and the the Washington Post (two former staffers for Democratic politicians and a left-of-center newspaper). These left-wingers are trying to do to the mainstream media what they have been trying to do to the Democratic Party: Push it left. ..."

Wha? But wait a minute, I thought the “mainstream media” was the left wing media. Danger - Danger, the National Review is off message, red alert -- red alert. And somebody needs to get a memo to O’Reilly quick. He’s going to be off his talking points, too.

The "left" isn't trying to push the mainstream media anywhere.

It’s about truth and transparency, for the Washington Post, just like it’s about lying and the law for all things Abramoff. In Deborah Howell's telling of this tale, both things converged to a bad end, in columns that made the simple confusing.

But at least we have their attention, my friends. Too bad they just don’t get it.

So, Paul Reveres of the 21st century, explain it to them. An open thread awaits…


Blogger Dont_Feed_The_Meter said...

It's about time, it's about space, it's about too many in the strangest place...
Welcome to the 21st century WaPo - like it or not the paradigm shifts. You can either adapt and evolve or become an exhibit at the Smithsonian.
Trying to marginalize and deprecate legitimate criticism appears as little more than elitist snobbery, which might have worked yesterday, but tomorrow is a knock knock knockin' at your door with changes and choices that you can't control. If you want your readers to stay, you'd better start giving them reasons to linger for longer. Or you can do nothing, and eventually you'll have nothing to do...

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Tennessean said...

This pathetic meme going around in the media about how poor Ms. Howell and Mr. Brady were "victimized" by vicious READERS (!) is just too much. I'm just going to remind both Howell and Brady about some real journalists who are actually dying, being taken hostage, being murdered trying to cover wars, dictatorships, occupations and suffering around the world. Meanwhile, Deborah Howell, WaPo's ombudsman, and Jim Brady, her editor, cannot take criticism of a false statement which demanded an immediate correction in the WaPo's columns. The contradiction here is clear: Howell and Brady were WHINING, while Jill Caroll was being videotaped as she was threatened with death. No "criticism," no "personal attack," no "profanity" and no charges of "liar," could possibly compare to the risks and dangers that REAL JOURNALISTS are enduring every day in Iraq and elsewhere. Ms. Howell and Mr. Brady should consider how their own shameful whining trivializes and mocks these journalists as they try to do their job. And, when they do, I hope Howell and Brady feel intense shame, because they certainly should. But, not just that; Howell should hitch up her britches like the big girl she says she is, and get back to blogging WITH COMMENTS and remind herself that she is the "readers' representative." Because truly, if they do not reclaim within their own minds what journalism is really all about, they WILL continue to become more irrelevant every day.

8:30 AM  
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