Friday, January 27, 2006

Democrats Didn't Know Jack

Well, so we now hear via Jane Hamsher that Deborah Howell has awakened, only to reach out to the ones who approve of her idea of an ombudsman. In the email Howell sent out to her peeps, she now says she stands by her rendition of Jack Abramoff delivering money to both political parties. Well, maybe she should trot on over to read Jane's post or if she needs more evidence of her errors, walk on over here (or here) to get the facts.

You guys know what to do now. Tell Ms. Howell how it really is. Your open thread awaits...


Anonymous Cloud7 said...

Hmmm. The guy *laundering* money for the GOP and out to starve the Democratic politicians of their campaign contributions actually *directed* money to Democrats? Seems to me Deborah either doesn't know how to investigate a story or doesn't care. I really don't know which is worse.

I do know I expect better from a major news outlet. Oh, and by the way, this comes from an INDEPENDENT, centrist voter. I can only imagine how the left wing of the Democratic party feels, but it seems they have a valid gripe concerning this issue. In fact, the mainstream media as a whole has failed miserably over the past 5 or so years. For goodness sake MSM, please start reporting accurate and truthful information. Democrats are not the only ones that have a problem with your style of journalism these days.

11:54 PM  
Anonymous Meager Trauma said...

Cloud7: I used to be centrist, too. But the right has moved the center so far to the right there's just them and the rest of us. ;)

I want to thank you guys for putting this together and keeping this issue alive.

My thoughts... er...[rant]
When are the folks at Wapo going to understand:
The internet is not private (ask the NSA).
They can't diss us and not get a response.
(That's really where it all started -- in the previous dust-up over Froomkin when they accused him of being "liberal" like it's a bad thing and couldn't understand how 25 years of that crap can start to irritate...not to mention all the other nasty, ugly things they've said about us, all the lies and smears that started long before Karl Rove.)
They set the tone by not caring about their "readership".
This is not about blogs. (Although, thank GOD for what's happened at and the movement to stop Alito! There is POWER here!) It's about the Post not getting it. The freepers don't read or subscribe to newspapers, they watch Rush and Sean and they do what they're told. Liberals actually read. And there's the irony. [/end rant]

Let's just keep up the good work and if they fry, they fry.

12:07 AM  
Anonymous paul lukasiak said...

Ms. Howell, get you head out of your ass....


Now the next time Howell shows up in public, and here head is not up her ass, I can say that the reason her head isn't up her ass is because I directed her to get her head out of her ass.

5:39 AM  
Anonymous Cloud7 said...

Meager Trauma... I've noticed the same thing as far as the media & political shift to the right. I was until recently a registered Republican :P

The party and media left me, not the other way around. I do also find it telling that viewership/readership numbers have dropped significantly in recent years for much of the MSM. Seems there is a significant number of disillusioned news consumers lately. Should be interesting to see if any media outlet can pull those people back in with some real (and accurate) investigative journalism. I wanted to point out that this isn't just about "mean Democrats" - there are a lot of angry readers out here that feel the MSM is not doing its job, and many of them are closer to the center than the far-right spin would have us all believe.

7:41 AM  
Blogger crusader bunnypants said...

I'm really Angry. Our leaders took an Oath to God to protect and defend the US Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic! Not an oath to protect George WMD Bush, or Israel, or Big Oil, or Corporations. They think they are untouchable. I think the entire US Govenrnment, Republicans AND Democrats, and Their Corporate State Controlled Media need to be put on trial for war crimes, and we should get enough rope to tell these politicos and newswhores there is a price to be paid for lying to start wars and tyranny.

7:58 AM  
Anonymous UnMask911 said...

Perhaps this has been addressed. If so, I've not yet seen it. Would someone please have the courtesy and repsect, whether MSM or blogger, to contact the tribes and find out what they would like to say concerning their political donation motivations and behaviors?

To all of you: Indians and Iraqis get mighty upset with the centuries old euroamerican tradition of: we know what's best, sometimes known as Manifest Destiny. To disappear their voices and therefore them, is the height of arrogance.

To date, I am aware of only one person really addressing the tribes themselves, Jane Hamsher. Congratulations and thank you, Jane. Could all the rest of us try and remember that these are real people with a voice that might add considerable clout to all that we are attempting to accomplish in the name of real freedom?

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Tennessean said...

Why does the Washington Post hate journalists?

Well, given the pathetic "victimized" stance of Howell and Brady to what they consider inappropriate critism for a clearly "incorrect" statement in a newspaper by ombudsman Howell, it's patently obvious that both Howell and Brady haven't given a thought to the thousands of REAL journalists who are risking their lives--I repeat, risking their lives to cover the war in Iraq. These real journalists are actually dying, being taken hostage, being murdered. Yet, Howell and Brady are so sensitive to critism that they think they have been "attacked" if they are called a "liar." It's patently pathetic! Both Howell and Brady mock and trivialize the incredible dangers that other journalists are enduring just to do the job of journalist. SHAME on you both and SHAME on the Washington Post for allowing both of you to get away with it, and SHAME on other media who have perpetuated the MYTH that you were "victimized" by vicious "personal attacks."

8:12 AM  
Anonymous TheOtherWA said...

Unmask911, that's exactly what I came here to post today. Ask the tribes themselves. How can journalists be so dense? This ain't rocket science.

9:31 AM  
Blogger TELLURIAN2 said...

Wow. This business with Ms. Howell just gets worse. I see on Firedoglake that she has now written (in an email, not the paper) "The Post stands by its reporting that Jack Abramoff directed campaign money to some Democrats."

So, how does that go?

Howell: I made a false statement. People noticed. Some people got angry. This made me defensive. I refused to admit my mistake. This brought a second wave of criticism. I put my fingers in my ears and stopped listening. More people complained! I carefully went back over the facts, and they obviously contradict what I said. So, was I proven wrong. Noooooooo.

"I was proven fucking right!"

Where have I heard that before?

Hey, Cloud7, me too. I was once a registered Republican. It was my first party affiliation. Nixon was president at the time, we were in Vietnam, and my decision was not typical one for your average college campus. For me at the time, it was a reaction to LBJ (who escalated the war) and the perception of Democratic arrogance and corruption in Congress.

My opinions haven't changed at all, but I have migrated from being a Republican to a liberal Republican (how many of you are old enough to recall when there were such animals?) to an Independent, to a conservative or "centrist" Democrat.

Now, you can just call me a bomb-throwing lefty.

I feel like I just stood still, while the whole country lurched rightward into neo-fascism.

12:06 PM  
Blogger Dont_Feed_The_Meter said...

Abramoff Coverage by The Post -
"The Post stands by its reporting that Jack Abramoff directed campaign money to some Democrats"...

Translation: WaPo refuses to admit it wets the bed or has any problem with incontinency and pulled some old laundry from the closet as proof. And so there, nyah nyah nyah.

12:24 PM  
Blogger Oilfieldguy said...

I've made some pretty big boo boo's in my life and I 've tried all sorts of ways to keep myself out of trouble. The one that works best is say "woops, I sure screwed taht up." and that just about ends it. Virtually no discussion, lectures, nada. That's hard to do though if in reality the error was done to "provide a community service..."

4:18 PM  
Blogger Taylor Marsh said...

Nixon was the first president for whom I voted, as part of the first generation of 18-year-old voters, tellurian2. So, working for Kerry had deep meaning for me. Still unconvinced, I even voted for Reagan in 1980, but only once, then never turned right again. So, believe me, I know exactly what you're talking about. Now I'm a say it loud and proud liberal Democrat, in the spirit of JFK.

9:48 PM  
Blogger alohabunny said...

Debbie this one is for are an idiot and a shill, why do they keep you?

12:57 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...


Could you please start a thread on this gem from Jim VandeHack? I was so pissed off after reading it that I searched their webpage for the comments link. I know people all over the lefty blogosphere are tearing into to this but it would be a nice thing to have one central blog for comments on their controversial articles, and I belive that's the raison d'etre of this blog.


3:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sent this e-mail to
One might be more careful to distinguish illegal activities from legal ones. It may be that Mr. Abramoff did not break the law with his every action, only those that were actually illegal. Which are those?"

7:39 AM  
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